Viza Management is a full service representation agency that works with players, coaches, and clubs globally. Established in 2019 by CEO Cecilia Lihv and General Manager, Bernardo Vasconcelos, with offices based out of Lisbon, Portugal and Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. Our wide network of professional teams in different North American, South American, Europe and Asian markets allows us to give players within our clientele the best opportunities possible.

Cecilia Lihv - CEO

Originally from Sweden, Cecilia Lihv founded Viza Management in 2019.

With experience in a variety of industries but are not limited to: Finance, Sports Management, Soccer, Real Estate, Commercial Property Management, Tenant Relations, Retail, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Online Media and E-commerce, Consumer Goods, Revenue Generation, P&L responsibilities, Contract Negotiations, Budget Forecasting, Relationship Management, Multi-Media Revenue Forecasting, Analyzing, Project Management, Leadership.

Bernardo Vasconcelos - GM

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Vasconcelos became the General Manager of Viza Management of 2019. 

Prior to Viza Management, Vasconcelos had a decorated football career playing as a striker in the top leagues of Portugal, Holland, Cyprus and Poland. Vasconcelos scored 130 goals in his professional career.

After retirement, Vasconcelos entered the agent market and now represents numerous players in Europe and Asia. His current knowledge of the industry builds bridges for players to maximize their professional opportunities.